• Tax

    We provide consulting services, analyzing our clients’ activities and suggesting the most appropriate structuring. Also, we suggest our clients apply planning which allows them to rationalize tax burden, always being mindful of the legal framework and decisions handed down by courts in Brazil.

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  • Corporate

    More often than not, the corporate area is closely related to the tax area, allowing the implementation of models aimed not only at the appropriate structuring for the company or the corporate group, but also at an in-depth approach of the tax, succession and administrative effects.

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  • Civil and Contracts

    Indeed, the Civil Law area addresses the widest range of situations and areas of service. Within the Corporation Law, civil / contractual issues stem directly from the companies’ daily activities.

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  • Tax Consulting

    Analysis of companies’ tax and fiscal structure to optimize and reduce tax burden by identifying past credits paid in excess or in error, as well as the change in procedures to better tap legal opportunities available.

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  • International

    Globalization has been imposing a new reality to companies, no matter their size. Trading gains momentum, and capital and investments seek opportunities everywhere, knowledge and communication no longer accept physical frontiers, and people move about as never seen before.

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  • Unique Projects

    Always updated and mindful of feasible opportunities to our clients, the following services may be of specific interest for our clients: Technological Innovation – Tax Incentives – “Good Law”, Due Diligence, Manaus Tax-free Zone.

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With an innovative vision, we act in an objective, clear and responsible way, as a secure professional support for decision-making, diagnosing and minimizing risks, keeping in mind the use of legal opportunities which enhance the consistent growth of our clients.

International Service

Our professionals speak English, Spanish and French.