Flávio Pigatto Monteiro

Lawyer, undergraduate from the Curitiba School of Law (FDC), specializing in Tax Law from USP, and graduate in Corporation Law from PUC-SP, former tax consultant at Ernst&Young in Curitiba and São Paulo.

Rogério Schuster Junior

Lawyer, undergraduate from the State University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG), specializing in Tax Law from UniCuritiba, and undergraduate student of Accounting Science at FAE Business School.

Act together with clients and associates, seeking quality solutions, in full compliance with the most important elements in a professional relation: ethics, trust, honesty, respect, objectivity and care for an invaluable asset named “time”.

Law firm PMS – PIGATTO MONTEIRO, SCHUSTER & ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS engages in Corporation Law. With an innovative vision, we act in an objective, clear and responsible way, providing professional support for decision-making, diagnosing and minimizing risks, keeping in mind the use of legal opportunities which enhance the consistent growth of our clients.

Our work methodology is to partner with client, know its peculiar features, identify its needs and seek the best solutions in a shared, fast and effective way, establishing a continuous and long-lasting partnership relation.

Relying on a professional team experienced in certain areas of services, we provide services to large national and international economic groups, as well as medium- and small-sized companies from a number of sectors: agribusiness, food, beverage, textile, metal and mechanics, furniture, wood, finances, pharmaceutics, transportation, paper and packaging, cooperatives, technology, services, industry and trade in general.